For Teachers

Epic Entertainment can help make the process of putting together a school dance simple.

We are a Central Coast DJ, MC and Lighting expert. We gladly participate in your committee meetings and listen to the ideas and suggestions of the students, faculty and parents.

At Epic Entertainment, you are guaranteed two things:

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[li]Increased Ticket Sales.  Through our Dance Marketing System (Included with all our dance packages) we get the students excited to attend the school dances, and talking about it before it even happens![/li]
[li]Your Satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to have your business and be a part of your activities team for years to come. We will go above and beyond to make sure that happens.[/li]

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Instead of just playing music, we get the kids pumped up by using crowd participation, interactive, emcees and high energy.

We are a local Central Coast DJ and Emcee company that will rock a dance better than out of town DJ services! Stop hiring out of area DJ/Entertainment services that are costing thousands more. Put more money into the pocket of the ASB, clubs and school by hiring locally!

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Here are just a few reasons that Epic Entertainment is the best school DJ service on the Central Coast:

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[li]Concert lighting and stages[/li]
[li]Custom clean (cleaner-than-radio) edits of today’s hottest music[/li]
[li]Unique crowd control[/li]
[li]Promotional Materials[/li]
[li]Interactive Emcees that keep the crowd excited and engaged[/li]
[li]$1 Million Liability Insurance[/li]
[li]Lunch Jams, Pep Rallies, and Assemblies[/li]
[li]Custom Website for students to make song requests and post pictures and comments of the dance.[/li]


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Call us today to start setting a new standard for your school dances!