Meet DJ Mike

How long have you been DJing?
1995 when I got my first set of turntables


What is your favorite Non-DJ related activity?
Spending time with my family and geeking out on Reef Aquariums, RC Helicopters and shooting sports.


What is your favorite genre of music?
Hip Hop (underground)


Why are you such an awesome DJ?
I am an awesome DJ because I enjoy mixing all genres of music.


What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?
Take your time planning your big day!


What is your favorite vacation destination?
U.S. Virgin Islands


How would you describe your DJ style?
Diverse and random, when I’m in the mix you’ll never know what I throw in.


I respect how he is a hip hop DJ, but can play to any crowd in a turntablist fashion, no matter if it’s a hip hop show, an EDM festival or a Vegas night club.

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