Meet DJ Jay

Jay started on the Photo booth side of weddings and events in 2011 and has moved into DJ/MC and is having a blast! He can give your event the flare it needs to be the best! Get to know him better below.

Since which year have you been DJing?
I entered the wedding industry in 2011 with photobooths then eventually progressed to DJing in 2016.


What is your favorite Non-DJ related activity?
I enjoy spending time with family and anything outdoors such as: hiking, traveling, working out, socializing, etc. Playing music is always a good time too!


What is your favorite genre of music?
Can never go wrong with 80’s rock! I also enjoy country, hip-hop, rap, edm, reggae, pop, almost all types of music!


Why are you such an awesome DJ?
Not only am I able to adapt to any situation, but I also understand and acknowledge the importance of your special day.


What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?
Well, I can’t say that I have been married before, but I hear it is recommended to learn how to say “yes, dear”.


What is your favorite vacation destination?
So far, Japan.


How would you describe your DJ style?
Easily adaptable, there for a good time!


A good music lyric that you really like or that describes you well:
Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you’re going don’t forget turn back around,
Help the next one in line, Always stay humble and kind


Who is your hero?
My God.

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